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Zelda and Scott

•           Zelda Fitzgerald’s wedding outfit was a grey-blue suit with a matching hat trimmed with leather ribbons and buckles. She wore an orchid corsage that had swansonia and small white flowers on it.

•           Witnesses to the wedding was Ludlow Fowler, a friend from Princeton who also served as best man; and Zelda’s sisters Marjorie Brinson and Rosalind with her husband Newman Smith. Zelda’s other sister Clothilde and her husband John Palmer were delayed and arrived ten minutes late.

•           The Fitzgeralds had not arranged for music, a photographer, or a reception. They only told their guests the day before where the wedding was going to be.

•           Scott was impatient and started the wedding before Clothilde and her husband arrived despite Zelda and Rosalind’s protests. Scott’s relationships with Zelda’s family, and especially Clothilde, never recovered.

•           Scott and Zelda left immediately from the wedding to their room at the Biltmore. Zelda’s sisters had lunch together without her.